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Simply Neat Ltd. has been in business since 2007. 

We have been helping families and individuals regain control of their lives for over a decade, through organization and concierge services.

We realized that in order for change to happen we must also include coaching. 

Spring 2017

Simply Neat Ltd. 

Mission Statement

We wish to assist our clients with building sustainable solutions to living a better life,

by creating strong foundations.


Often Life gets so busy that things begin to slide, and clutter takes over. We find ourselves overwhelmed by the chaos within our home.

Simply Neat Ltd. can get you back on track. 

By helping you with the sorting, purging and set up of your space, 


Perhaps you need systems set up 

for your busy family, that will keep everyone on track.

Let us help?

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Other times,  Life just simply happens to us.  Maybe a recent life event , has left you unable to take care of simple tasks, like grocery shopping,  running errands, tidying up around your space.

Or you have aging parents, or young children and you have time or family  restrictions that leave you feeling overwhelmed by how to care for them and their needs.  

Let us help!

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Peaceful Transitions Coaching

Peaceful Transitions  is a combination of both a scientific and a spiritual approach to coaching.

Its not about right or wrong or to teach you how to become a certain way.

Its about giving you resources and tools to start living!

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